Planning your office relocation in 5 steps

Planning your office relocation in 5 steps

Wednesday 10th April 2019
G. Daniela Craciun

Relocating your office is an exciting time that comes with the opportunity to consider stimulating changes to boost employees' motivation and productivity. But when you are the one responsible for this complex process, we agree that it can be overwhelming.
Before anything starts moving, you obviously need thorough planning. We go by the saying 'The more detailed the plan, the better'. See our 5-steps planning guide that provides useful insight into what relocating your office involves.

The first step is to create your internal team that will be responsible for delivering the project. Most importantly, you need to appoint a Senior Project Manager, who you identify as the person capable to make decisions, lead the team, and deliver the project forward. Aside from the Senior Project Manager, a skilled team to assist the project lead is essential. A successful team involves people specialised in different disciplines, including IT, Marketing, PR, and Administration. Assign specific tasks to your team and keep adding on the go to make sure you don't overburden yourself with what comes up throughout the project. Keep in mind that the administration people are a key part of your team. They will most likely know a great deal about everything that is going on in your business, being able to provide valuable support and perform operations to ensure a smooth flow for your relocation process.

The next best thing you can do is create a moving timetable checklist. Effective planning always involves a timetable to increase productivity and decrease moving stress. Before you set out your official move out date, consider everything that needs to be done prior and allow realistic time for each. Think about details that may arise and try to stick to your plan all the way. This is the point in which you should also create a moving budget and determine how much money you'll need- roughly.

This step requires early engagement to allow enough time to find the company that can work to your vision and budget. A good company will be prepared to deal with all for you: from packing, moving, and assembling your stuff to planning and designing your new space. Choosing one company to deal with all will help you save money, time, and the hassle from managing multiple parties. Note they can also help you with finding the workplace that will meet your requirements, calculating the space you need for your new office. Too little space means impossibility to function and too much space means too much money wasted for rent. Keep in mind that you'll need to plan ahead your dilapidation project that can also be managed by your already assigned office design/fit-out company.

Before you start looking for your new workplace, you need to have a clear vision on three aspects: what you should certainly have, what you want to have, and what you'll absolutely not have. In the shade of these three, there should always be your budget allowance. After that, you need to find a location that will meet your requirements. It's crucial to allow enough time for this process and give the attention it deserves because a poor choice of location may be impossible to correct. Some things you may need and want to keep focused on while looking for your new office location are demographics, accessibility and staff parking, local amenities, building infrastructure, IT/Mobile coverage, rent, utilities, and other costs. This whole process can be time-consuming but remember that from this step your office design/fit-out company is there to help.

The planning headache is not over yet, but you are closer to start the actual moving process. There's considerable thought that goes for this step, identified as the last in planning your office relocation. That's about creating the perfect office design for you. It can take a lot of time to put everything in place but will help to know beforehand what should go where. Your office design/fit-out company will also help you decide what colour palette, lighting, and furniture will best reflect your brand. It feels better already, knowing that everything is thoroughly planned, and you'll soon enjoy your new office, doesn't it?